Site Master Planning

Eastgate Garden Design will develop a detailed, comprehensive landscape plan for your entire property that integrates hardscapes, watershapes, planting, lighting, and site amenities. For new construction or remodeling, a collaborative team approach with architects, engineers, builders, and EGD during the planning stages will create a well thought-out project, eliminating costly afterthoughts during construction. Some important factors we consider during our planning process are:

  • Circulation
  • Use of space
  • Siting of major elements: house, garage, barn/shed, driveway, swimming pool, tennis court, etc.
  • Hardscape elements
  • Sun/shade areas
  • Tree placement
  • Focal points and views
  • Privacy and screening of unwanted views
  • Noise reduction
  • Material choices
  • Planting and lawn areas
  • Colors and styles
  • Maintenance requirements

Please review our Design Process, which will describe our approach in more detail.

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