Water Conservation and Storm Water Solutions

Storm water is an issue that concerns all property owners and town/city officials. As more and more surfaces become impermeable due to paving, structures, and soil compaction, rain water can no longer be soaked into the ground and instead runs directly into our lakes and rivers. This causes flooding problems and water quality issues.

The best way to deal with storm water is to capture it and let it slowly perk into the ground where it can then be taken up by plants or move deeper into the groundwater system. When rainfall slowly infiltrates through the soil, most of the pollutants that can potentially create water quality problems will get removed naturally. Other benefits of slowing the flow of storm water are reduced flooding and erosion, and recharging the groundwater system. Some storm water controls that we use in our landscape designs are:

  • Rain gardens
  • Shore line buffer planting
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Dry wells
  • Permeable pavement

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