Garden Services

Plant Bed Development

Once your landscape is installed, a maintenance program should be put into place so that your new garden can get well-established and thrive. Eastgate Garden Design can maintain your garden on a routine basis, creating a good foundation for proper and healthy plant growth. We can also help you as you continue to develop different areas of your property, whether it’s a continuation from a plan we designed for you or a new area that you would like to focus on. Having EGD involved in plant bed development will ensure that your garden will have a continuous flow throughout.

Window Box and Container Planting/ Decorating

Window boxes and containers can add so much character to your garden. A seasonal display for spring, summer, fall and winter will provide much needed color and charm when you need it most. Bulbs and cold hardy annuals will brighten your days in the spring. During the summer months, there are endless options of annuals and perennials that will provide splashes of color and texture. In the fall, a display of pumpkins, mums, and other cold hardy plants will sustain you, as you mentally make the transition from warm to cold. When the snow begins to fly, a wonderful addition to the holiday season is decorating those containers with greenery, berries, bows, and other festive decorations. The greenery can last quite a while, and can be a welcomed sight in the doldrums of winter.


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